Neighborhood Swap Meet

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We will be hosting our next, one-day-only Neighborhood Swap Meet on May 25, 2019 in our parking lot from 7am–1pm, with free admission to shoppers. We will also have an Information Table set-up where you can personally interact with us and ask questions about Explore Community Church. This event is open to the public and all are welcome.

HAVE THINGS TO SELL? Our desire is to provide an economical option where you can do exactly that, sell your used items [only] in a safe environment. But because space is limited, sellers must register before the date of event. Sellers will not be admitted without a reserve ticket. So, don’t miss your opportunity and stop by our office during the following hours to pre-register:

• Saturdays: May 4 from 8:30am–1:00pm
May 11 from 8:30am–1:30pm
May 18 from 8:30am–3:00pm

• Sundays: May 5, 12, & 19 between 8:00am–9:30am and 11:30am–2:00pm

[*Note: Office hours are subject to change. So, please check back often for the latest information.]

Sellers, here’s what else you need to know:
• Reserve cost is only $10 per spot
(limited spots available)

• Each seller’s spot consists of space for your
vehicle and an additional space for your sale
(selling space measuring approx. 9×19-feet)

• Seller’s Legal Requirements: Upon request,
a seller shall provide a purchaser with a
written receipt disclosing the seller’s name
and address when the item(s) purchased
have a selling price in excess of $15 (refer to
California Business and Professions Code
section 21666).

• The sale of any of the following items are
prohibited at this event: firearms, alcohol,
drugs, counterfeit products and/or any
transaction that violates state/local law(s).

• When registering, you must have a valid
driver’s license or state issued ID number

• Check-in time (on the day of event) will
start at 5:30am. Please arrive by no later
than 6:30am for set-up.

• At the closing of event, kindly clean up
your space and dispose of trash in their
appropriate receptacle. NOTE: Large items
(such as furniture, household appliances,
electronics & items over 15 lbs) are the seller’s
responsibility to find appropriate disposal
locations and will not be accepted at our
event. Leaving behind such items on our
premises may suspend your invitation
to participate in future events.

• If you wish to provide a financial donation
at the end of this event, you may do so at
our designated info booth. Your donation(s)
will help support Explore Community
Church as we continue to reach and serve
the community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often does the Neighborhood Swap Meet occur?
A: We will be hosting this event twice per calendar year, on independent dates: once in the summer and again in the winter (as is allowed by law for our current permissions).

Do I have to be a resident of Chula Vista to be a seller?
A: No. Anyone who lives in the San Diego area (South, North, East, West) and has a valid driver’s license or state issued ID is welcome to participate in our Neighborhood Swap Meet.

Is there a way I can register online to be a seller?
A: Currently, registration is limited to walk-ins and cash deposits only at our office, located at 251 Palomar Street, Chula Vista CA 91911.

If I register to be a seller, can I get a refund in the scenario I cannot make it to the event due to unforeseen circumstances?
A: Refunds will only be available up to one week before the event date. You must claim and pick up your refund from our office by no later than 1:00pm on Saturday, May 18th. Please bring your ID to validate your return. All pre-registration fees are non-refundable after the specified deadline. However, if you contact us after the deadline but before the event date, then your payment can be applied to the next Neighborhood Swap Meet.

Q: Can I donate any of my stuff that doesn’t sell after the event to Explore Community Church?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept donated goods at this time. There are however local second-hand stores you may search and inquire about donating your unwanted sale items.

Q: How is this event promoted/advertised?
A: Word-of-mouth is the strongest form of advertising. We highly encourage and empower each seller with the means to share this event with others they know. We provide printed media: informational business cards and mini-posters. Our team also takes active roles to reach out to the surrounding communities with the same materials. Additional efforts for advertising include having an active social media presence during the month prior to the event, as well as displaying signage during the week leading up to and through the day of the event. (Further advertising efforts vary between events.)

For any further questions you may have, feel free to email