Leo Correia

I started attending Explore in June of 2017. My experience in leading worship, and involvement in other ministries, spans over the last 25 years. I have been playing music professionally and semi-professionally since high school, which is when I came to know the Lord. Additionally, I have been involved in live theatre with Lambs Players Theatre and San Diego Musical Theatre.

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Laurie, for 27 years. Together, we have a beautiful daughter named Jessika. The extent of our family’s size is large, as is the value of family and our Portuguese heritage. In addition to my family life, I love motorcycles and fishing near the ocean, lakes and the like. On my free time, I enjoy writing, arranging, recording & producing music at my home studio.

My passion for music, especially praise and worship, I believe is fueled by God’s Grace & Mercy in my life through the indwelling Holy Spirit. My desire as a worship leader is to see God’s children surrender their hearts and minds to Him in song, praise & worship—which I believe is what we were created for.